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Order propecia online canada - Buy propecia new zealand

Order propecia online canada - Buy propecia new zealand


buy propecia genericOur Senior Adults meet on the third Thursday of every month for a meal at different restaurants around Rock Hill. This is always a good time of food, entertainment, and fellowship.  Everyone 50+ is welcome to join in.

buy propecia online cheapThroughout the year the seniors  go on day trips. In October they head to Hendersonville, NC for their  annual Apple Trip. They start the day by having breakfast at Hardees and end the day at the Flea Market. Other day trips are planned about once a quarter.



order propecia usa

Senior Worship has been postponed for the summer. We will resume in September.  Will look forward to a new year. 

Our Senior Adults love God and strive to serve Him with their whole heart.  The first Wednesday of the month the seniors have a worship service and luncheon.

As an outreach to the community, the residents of the Carolina Gardens of York and Carolina Gardens of Rock Hill are invited to join us in old time gospel music and The Word. 

Come be a part of our Senior Adult Ministry!